.22cal. Rifle/Pistol Cleaning Rod Set.270cal/.280cal/7mm Brass Bore Brush

11 Piece Pistol Cleaning Kit for .40/.45cal.
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11 Piece Pistol Cleaning Kit for .40/.45cal.

MSRP: $8.99

This kit is specifically for the .40/.45cal shooter.  It comes complete with: one handle, one 9.5" brass rod, one .40cal bore brush, one .45cal bore brush, two .45cal wool mops, one .40cal brass jag, one .45cal brass jag, two slot tips for cleaning patches and one box of 25 cleaning patches.  The durable clamshell packaging can be used for storage when the kit is not in use.  

Model:  PCK 045

UPC:  761903368771

Master Case:  72 pcs

Inner Case:  6 pcs